Friday, June 17, 2011

introducing howard......

Hello family! I will be seeing you all in just a few hours. That is hard to believe. I got a call from President Hale yesterday morning and he told me that they had all decided it would be best if I went home. I know that i need to be healthy... i have tried to just "sleep it off" but that hasn't cut it. I went back to the doctor and got results back for many tests... but they were all negative. They tested me for lupus, arthritis, thyroid, diabetes, and even for a baby and syphilis. Haha... good thing the latter two were negative! Yesterday i went to get one more test done, and the results should be back in a few days. I know it is for the best. It will be hard to come home, but necessary. Keep in on the DL please. :) Too bad St. George wasn't next weekend eh? Looks like i will be able to go on the Family trip to Wisconsin though.
This week we went and helped a member... Sister Baker. She is a real character. Wow. She is just great. Well she had a bad fall and messed up her back, so we went over to help her clean her house. When we arrived, she had a whole list prepared for us. One of the things on her list was to set her up a blog, so i got to work on that... and she just bossed Sister Briggs around and made her clean the whole house... luckily Sister Briggs likes cleaning! Well we had lunch with her too, and she said, "you know I get real lonely here... i am allergic to dogs and cats, but that's why i have Howard." I then asked, "Who is Howard?" and she pointed to her couch... and there he was- Howard the cabbage patch kid. I picked him up and immediately she yelled! "You woke him up!!! It's his nap time-" hahaha. Wow. I was trying my best to compose myself. Then, when Sis. Briggs said the prayer on the food, she said, "Thank you for the opportunity we have to be here to eat lunch with Sister Baker and Howard..." and i about lost it. I wish you could all meet Sister Baker because she is just such a character. She has it all together mentally- but she is just so fun! She has a great imagination and really just makes the best out of life. Maybe i need to get my own little Howard to make my life more exciting!
We had a lesson with Wanda and her kids. We took them a Book of Mormon Stories book, and read about Joseph Smith. After we were done, Sister Brigg's asked if they would pray to know if it was true, and Caleb-(8) quickly replied- "I know it is true... i just already know!" It was really neat to hear that. Both of these boys are so bright, and retain all the things that we teach them. We taught them the 10 Commandments last week, and they're doing a really good job at helping their mom remember not to take the Lord's name in vain. Sharon and Shirley were pretty sad to hear that i am leaving. We went over last night, and they had a card and a Miami Heat T-shirt for me. I am really going to miss them. They are like family to me here. I am glad i can keep in touch with them, and i know i will see them again. We got a text from shirley, and it said "Have a safe flight Sister Koko. I am going to miss you so much. I feel like i am sending one of my kids off..." They are both amazing ladies, and i am very glad i had the chance to work with them.
Sister Briggs will be training again. She has one transfer left. She is really sad to see me go. Before we left the apartment, we said a prayer (like we do every time we leave) and she just started crying. She has taught me a lot, and she is going to do a good job training again.
President was very encouraging and said... "I'll give you a call in Salt Lake! :)" I am excited I will get to go to their Homecoming!
Well it is time to go. We are driving up to another area and the AP's are going to pick me up there and drop me at the airport. I will call you all once I get there.
I'm excited to see you!

{Homestead Zone}

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