Friday, June 17, 2011

Exhanges with my favorite Sister Geest....

May 31st, 2011


Sounds like you had a great time at J's. I need to thank apple for
inventing ipads so i can get emails from both of you.

I am still sick. Today is the worst it has been, so i think i will
break down and go to the doctor. I am just real tired and have no
energy. I have had a headache for like 2 weeks now- i don't know what
it is from...

Interviews with president were really good. I got to visit with Sister
Hale while Sister Briggs was in her interview and that was so fun too.
We made cookies and just had girl talk! :) Guess what- they have a
cabin on Green briar road/ lane- right by us. they showed me a pic and
i have totally seen in. it is a similar layout as ours, but has a big
cobblestone chimney/fireplace on the back side. green roof. small
world huh? they said they will need to barrow ours for the sister's
reunion! i can't wait for that!! It was fun to talk to president. He
didn't realize that our area had turned to pretty much all english.
For this he said that sister briggs and i needed to have "english
fasts" and only speak spanish like tues/thurs/sat- or something but we
have tried to do it every day... He gave me a blessing and promised
that my mental capacity and comprehension would increase and my ability
to learn would be strengthened. I am going to continue to work hard on
my part! He also said that i would be a conduit- and that my family
would be blessed through me for the rest of my life. AND the best part
was... that at the end, he gave me a HUG!!! :) It was the Best.

We had exchanges.. .that was fun. I was with sister Geest. She serves
in the YSA ward. It was fun to get to work with her! We had a blast.

I am running low on time so i am trying to get in all that i can.

Shirley's baptism was AMAZING. There was more investigators there,
than member it felt like! It was so special. Sharon shared her
conversion story, and the spirit was so strong. I asked both of them
to write their stories down, so i can have them. I will send them your
way when i get them...

i am out of time already! i am sorry. i will write today!! to answer
all the questions from your email.

xxoxox love you

{Sister Geest and I}

{Me, Sis. Mata'u, Sis. Hopkins, Sis. Geest}

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