Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter Monday!

The Miami Zoo
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Happy Easter Monday!
It was great to hear from you. Thanks for the emails. We had a nice Easter Sunday yesterday- ate 3 dinners. UGH i was stuffed, but i am learning to eat really slow so i don't get seconds. :) and so i don't get fat. Mom that is so cool you are going to the Carl Bloch exhibit. I have seen a lot of the pictures they are amazing. They had some copies at the MTC, and then i read an article in the BYU mag or somewhere about it. Enjoy that. You will love it... i am jealous. Dad that is nice about your Sunday School Class President calling... i love how you tease them about their parents in the spirit world. Thank you so much for your dearelder letter. It is the only mail i got this week, and it was just what i needed. Thank you for making time to write with your busy busy schedule. I am happy that you have a lot of work. Mom i am sure you are a big help too. Thank you both for working so hard. 
It sounds like you had a nice Easter. I can only imagine the girls and their easter egg hunt. I'm sure they loved that. Tell grandpa and grandma that i said hello. I will pray for Grandpa. Let me know what you find out with his tests. My knees are doing fine. Still hurt but definitely see an improvement. Did you order the things for my knee braces? I still haven't seen anything. 
The Zoo was fun...it was really cool, but I really hurt from all the walking...
This week we are going to the big Latin market! I am going to search for my Ducal black beans! :) President Hale is back. Elder Gay- an area 70- is a pilot and picked him up in Utah and flew him back here in his private jet. No big deal... He texted us and said that while they were en route to FL he said to Elder Gay, "Did you feel that? We just entered into the airspace of the greatest mission in the world. It feels great to be back!" He is just such a great man. They are a great family. Hopefully we will all get together as a mission in the next week or so.
Sharon is getting baptized on Sunday. It is amazing! She is so prepared. We met her last Sunday, and have seen her every day since. She is just eating up the gospel. She loves the Book of Mormon and understands it so well. We showed her mormon.org and she LOVES the "I'm a Mormon" videos. We watched the Easter Mormon Message on lds.org yesterday. That was a really good one. She is like our mom here. She takes great care of us, and we have just grown to love her, even though it has only been a week. She came to church yesterday and loved it. She is just so great. I feel so blessed to have met her. She ends up teaching us so much when we are with her. Her smile and her testimony and her love for God is contagious. She has such humble and powerful prayers. I can't wait for you all to meet her one day. She actually came in contact with the church about 10 years ago, because her friend Shirley and her family were meeting with the missionaries. After we met her last Sunday, Sharon called Shirley and told her that we were going to teach her. Shirley said she wanted to join too- when she was meeting with the missionaries, she was struggling with anxiety and mental problems. The elders she met with taught her how to pray, and she began reading the Book of Mormon. Prayer and reading helped her anxiety go away- and all the way back then she knew that the gospel was good and true. For one reason or another she didn't get baptized. We met her earlier this week, and have been teaching them together. She wants to get baptized this Sunday too. She said that she knows that now is her time. How INCREDIBLE. They both are INCREDIBLE. I know that the Lord had a plan for both of them from the beginning and last Sunday was the day for them to come back in contact with the church. We are so excited for both of them. They are so great. They have been through thick and thin together and are best friends. They found the church together ten years ago, and i think it will be so special for them to be baptized on the same day. Pray for them, and that all will go well. I am sure it will.
Spanish is still not going anywhere. But we are going to focus a lot more on speaking it to each other. Sis. Briggs told me that with her other companions she spoke a lot more Spanish with them... but that is because they never really talked... We have become great friends, and i am glad that she can talk to me and that we have a good relationship. It makes the work even better. This work really is great. I know it is where i am supposed to me. It is still weird that i am here and really doing this... but i am! It is just another chapter in my book of life. It will be one of the best chapters, I am sure. I love you all. Thanks for your support.
 Hermanita Kokita
ps -our investigator is starting dialysis again this week- and is getting back on the transplant list for the second time. If you can get to the temple this week, put her name on the prayer roll... 
carol jones
and sharon robinson too- so she can stay off cig's and coffee.