Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Transfers are this week- and so that is why I didn't write yesterday.
Sister Briggs and I are staying together. I am excited to stay in the
area and watch those we have found progress in the gospel.

As far as Mother's Day goes- we have 40 minutes... and we are going to
call not skype. I will be calling the house around 1:00 your time so hopefully that
will be ok.
I got the package yesterday! Once again you went above AND
beyond. Thank you thank you thank you. I am excited for all the
healthy snacks! OK- and the clothes... they are DARLING. Whenever
people comment on my clothes I say, "Thanks my mom picked it out...
she did most of my shopping for me- doesn't she have cute style?? :)"
You do! The earrings the girls made at the cabin were darling too!
The Royal Wedding sounded amazing... we have heard a little about it here.
It would have made me homesick for London if I would have watched it am sure. Let's go back there when
I get back. It would be fun to take you and dad around to all the
I am sure the Carl Bloch exhibit was amazing. I am so jealous I
missed it- perhaps we will have to go to Denmark too? and see them.
That would be amazing. I am sure it was a spiritual experience.
Looking at the religous art in London was one of my favorite things.
That is so neat that BYU was able to borrow them. Wow.

Well, Sharon had her baptism! She is amazing. Really. It was a very
spiritual day and so great to see her so happy. She was just weeping
when she came out of the water. We had dinner with her and Shirley and
had a great disscussion with both of them. She is one of the most
humble people I have ever met. She has such a love for the Savior and
for this gospel. She is just eating it all up. I can't wait for you to
meet her. Yesterday we went to her house to visit, and she was so
excited to talk to us about what she read in the Gospel Principles
manual. She read like 4 chapters and is literally feasting on the
gospel. She loves the Book of Mormon and the Ensign. She read about
the Plan of Salvation and loved learning more. She was connecting all
the dots herself- that is what we want - for them to be able to
understand in a way that they can make the connections. She LOVED the
idea of the veil... she said it makes so much sense. She said, "All of this is so
familiar to me." Wow- then she said... "Shirley called me earlier and
said 'Sharon you gotta read the chapter about families- it will blow
your mind' and I read it and loved it!" Shirley is amazing. She was
like "oh I learned this and this and that in the Book of Mormon
today". I feel like they are teaching me way more than I am teaching
them. Shirley will be baptized in a few weeks- she is just waiting for
her kids to get home from college. I love them both. I love everyone
we are teaching... like a real love and desire to share this great
gospel with them. This work is truly amazing. We have a new
investigator- Alfonzo. He is also extremely PREPARED. He has had
previous contact with the church too- someone gave him a BofM and he
used to read it every night- but he never received the lessons. He is
a genuine guy- and father of 8 kids and is such a great father. I am
looking forward to see what progress we have with him.
This transfer I am going to really work on my spanish. Even though we are not teaching
anyone in spanish, that is no reason why I can't speak it more. I won't
have as many chances to practice, but Sister Briggs and I can speak
more for each other. I am thankful for her and she teaches me so much.

Thank you all for the love, letters, prayers, and support. I am so
happy to be here. talk to you in a few days!! xoxo


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