Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updates from Karli!

Hi everyone,
I've finally had the chance to combine the last few weeks of Karli's emails and letters. The week after talking to her on Mother's Day, she only sent a bit, and then the week after that, I happened to be online when she was at the library, so we "chatted" back and forth a little instead of her taking the time to write an email letter. So she wrote us a letter later on that day, and I've typed it up for you here. Then we heard from her yesterday by email too. She sent some pictures, but they're in a different format, so I gotta get Ty to help me figure those out! :)
Hope all is well with you guys. Remember Karli in your prayers if you can. She's been sick for about 3 weeks now... and bummed about that! xoxox Sandy

Hermana's hot chocolate...

May 9, 2011
Hello Family,
It was so great to talk to you yesterday. I just got your email mom... so that was perfect timing. We were a little late coming to the biblioteca. We ate breakfast with Hermana Gonzalez this morning. She makes THE best homemade hot chocolate. It is soooo good. She is the lady that we live with... well she has a little efficiency that we live in- but practically with her. She is so good to us. She feeds us all the time. She is so darling. I can't wait for you to meet her. I will take pics of the house and send them next week. She Loves gardening... she has 10 mango trees... and in about a month they will be coming out of our ears! I can't wait. Mom- we want to teach her how to compost... can you tell me what we need to buy her to get started... just like a garbage can or what? Let me know. That is so fun you got an I-phone... i am jealous. I am excited to play on it when i get home. I am sure Emma and Mya were excited. Dad that is sweet you got an I-pad- is it one through Verizon? I am so proud of you... being so tech savvy.

I am still not feeling 100%- but hopefully i can rest some more today. I have a lot of letters to write... We are also eating lunch again with Hermana Gonzalez. She really is just the cutest. She has had missionaries living with her for years- but only elders... so she LOVES having sisters. She is our little abuelita.
Sharon and Shirley are golden as ever. Really they are so great. Sharon got confirmed yesterday- it was so beautiful. They both have such strong testimonies of the gospel already. It is amazing.
Also- can you get Matt's address, and send it to me as soon as you can. I will write him today and just send it with your letter. I think about him daily and pray for him- as well as all the other family. Let me know more about grandpa's surgery. Tell him and Grandma hi.
Well I love you all so much. Thanks for your continued support.

Hermana Tyson

(bits of our email chat)
May 16, 2011 -

We had a really good week. We had a trainers meeting with President Hale and about half the mission- all the new missionaries from this transfer and last. It was soooo good. I learned so much. It is amazing what is happening here. Look up "Vision of the South" by President Kimball. it is really cool! it is an article about what he said about the South... that we will baptize more than any other English speaking mission in the world.

They unveiled a new curriculum for new missionaries at this meeting. It is being tested in our mission....For the first 12 weeks once you are in the field you have 2 hours of companion study- as opposed to one- and it is a bit more structured. You have a syllabus, and at the end of the 12 weeks- the goal is to have the new missionary ready to be a trainer! So we're testing it out.

Things are going well here. We met with the Family history Senior Missionaries and taught Sharon how to do her family history. She is going BUCK WILD. Really. She is so excited. She is going to the temple June 4th for baptisms. Watching her do it made me want to sit down and to mine! I am excited to go home and start working on it. It is so important.

I am so thankful for President Hale. And Sister Hale. I learn so much from them. They are amazing leaders. At the training he talked about an article "Crucible of Leadership Development" from someone at M.I.T. Look it up and send it to Jared and Ty- it talked about the church's missionary program - that is is the #1 best leadership training or something... it was really cool! Check it out .


May 16, 2011
Mum & Dad...
It was fun to chat for a bit today via email. Great to hear from you - always. I got your letter mom - thanks for sending those quotes - LOVED them!
This past Saturday they had a Stake RS activity. It was all about missionary work - it was really dool. The theme was "A Might Change of Heart". They asked us tohelp. They had 3 different rooms with missionaries in each - teaching the first 3 lessons - short... and they rotated through each one. Then everyone went in the chapel. We taught the message of the Restoration. It was a really neat experience. We brought B of M's in several languages - Spanish, Creole, French, Arabic,etc. and set them all up on the table. It turned out really cool - we had them stacked up and displayed all different. Then we put a really cool picture of the Sacred Grove - & at the bottom of it, it says, "What happened here changed the world. Let it change your life." And we had them reflect on how Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon has changed their life. We shared JSH 1:25 - and talked about how Joseph Smith never denied what happened to him. It was a really neat experience. Once everyone cycled through, they had a really pretty musical number, then they had a Q & A panel with recent converts. They shared their conversion story & answered questions. It was awesome! They had everyone write down their conversion story and they are putting a book together of all of them. It was great! They had the gym decorated really nice for lunch too! It was a fun day!
So I'll tell you more about Wanda in my next email. We knocked on her door - & it was just perfect timing! We see her this Wednesday, so I'll tell you more on Monday - she has such great potential! On Wednesday, we are also going to see the BYU Young Ambassadors with Sharon! I am SO excited! :)
So the training with President Hale was SO GREAT! I left feeling so much more converted. We didn't talk a ton about the BofM, but my conviction for it just exploded! I can't believe they're leaving so soon. :( But I know that the next ones will be able to hopefully fill his shoes-- we have heard nothing but great things about them. President Hale talked/is really big on creating a "culture". Both a personal & a mission culture. This culture is a way of life - an atmosphere-an attitude. He said the culture and character are one in the same. They express who you are. Everything you do is an OUTWARD expression of who you ARE. This mission has made a total 180 degree turn in terms of success. He has created a culture - expectations - & a mission lifestyle. We are known because of this, especially for our obedience. This is a result of the culture. He expressed how we must create this culture now - and then take it with us when we leave. He does a lot better job at explaining the idea, but the more I learn, the more I understand. He's so amazing - he will probably be in the 12 before I get home! :) He also talked about "tremendous success" - something else he is big on. He said: "Tremendous success is much more the result of a culture than a numerical level of performance. It can however be measured on a graph. It is a steady upward trend - a progression of personal righteousness, unity, continued improvement, and a genuine love for all-- which inspires on to gather the elect in a balanced effort in ever increasing numbers."
Success in missionary work comes from/is:
1 Personal/Mission culture
2. Measurable
3. Steady upward trend
4. Personal Righteousness
5. Companion Unity
6. Continuous Improvement
7. Genuine Love
8. Balanced Effort

Sister Briggs and I often say - "We are so blessed - TOO blessed." But we know we are having alot of success partly because we have alot of love and unity - that is where success starts! I just really am SO lucky to be here. I am learning so much! :)

Sharon and Shirley are great - planning to go to the Orlando Temple in June to do baptisms - I am looking forward to that, they will love it - I wish I could be there!

Thanks again for all you do, I miss you both so much! I'm looking forward to seeing you again!


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